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Indian Marble Slabs

Marble slabs are best flooring material. Available in wide range of shades and finish, the Indian marble slabs could be used for wall cladding, flooring halls, rooms and could also be used to make cabinets and countertops.

The India marble slabs are avaialble in various size that are mentioned below, and could be custom made as per requirement.

We Are Indian Marble Slab Exporters

Indian marble slabs are one of the most exported marble product. We are marble slab exporters, that offers marble slabs in various finish such as polished, sand blasted, gangsaw cut unpolished and antique finish.

emerald green marble slabs

Emerald Green Marble Slabs

forest green marble slabs

Forest Green Marble

leaf green marble slabs

Leaf Green Marble

spider green marble slabs

Spider Green Marble

rainforest green marble slabs

Rainforest Green Marble

rainforest brown marble slabs

Rainforest Brown Marble

rainforest gold marble slabs

Rainforest Gold Marble

onyx green marble slabs

Lady Onyx Marble

Marble Slab Manufacturer Company

Slabs are one of the forefront product of marble factories. The udaipur marble factories have installed capacity to produce large volume of marble slabs that could be made as per custom thickness. The regular thickness of marble slabs is 16 mm / 18 mm and 20 mm thick marble slabs.

Marble Slabs (Size and Finish)

60 x 180 cm & up, 120 x 240 cm & up.

Thickness 16 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, and Higher
Surface Finish Polished, Brushed, Antiqued, Honed
Custom Made Size, thickness, edge profile and surface finish are made, as per requirement and specification given by the buyers
Marble Slabs (Packing for Exports)
Stuffing in 20' Container

20 mm slabs - 400 - 425 sq. Meter
30 mm slabs - 270 - 300 sq. meter

Packing Method

To provide better strength, all slabs are placed in strong wooden palmets.

Polished sides of every two slabs are placed facing each other.

For extra care polythene sheets are also placed in between each slab.

Our Most demanded Marble product is Random Size Gangsaw Cut 18mm / 20 mm thickness Polished Marble Slabs with Natural Edge

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Marble Slab Price

Marble Slab price depend on various factors, such as thickness of marble slabs, the size of slabs, quality and quantity. We are Indian Marble slab exporters, that produces marble slabs. No middleman margins are added to our marble slabs, and thus we commit you a better marble slabs price from India.

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