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Slate stone Veneer are made up of Natural Cleft slate stone backed by fiberglass / poly-resin. These slate stone veneer have motivated achitect to think more ways to use natural finish slate stone, in thir projects. These stone veneer sheets have emerged as one of the best alternative for wall cladding tiles. The conventional slate tiles are much heavy and small in size in compare to thin stone veneer.

Our clients are using the slate stone veneer at various area. It's being used as wall covering, applied on doors, cabinets, furniture, and many more. These slate stone veneers are waterproof in nature and coulkd be applied to any area like drywall, wood, MDF, HDF, metal, plastics, styrofoam and cement board.

We Are Indian Slate Stone Veneer Exporters

We export Thin Sheets / Veneer of Indian Slate stones and Quartzite stones, These Slate stone veneer are just 1.5 - 2mm thick, and are available in standard size of 120 x 60 cm. Custom size for projects is also possible, as per request.

golden slate veneer


gold green  slate veneer

Gold Green

majestic red  slate veneer

Mejestic Red

milky white  slate veneer

Milkey White

ocean black  slate veneer

Ocean Black

peacock  slate veneer


rustic copper slate veneer

Rustic Copper

tera pink slate veneer

Tera Pink

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